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 Water Conserve     Renewable Energy

Sustainability Online is dedicated to bringing “Green Solutions" to our clients.


We specialize in the designs of environmental systems for homes. We call this product, service Clean Energy Management System.


Green Building          High Tech

We design home energy management systems which focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, green building, and high technology integration.


Energy efficiency would be solar panels, geothermal, or wind energy products. 


Did you know you could utilize rain water to wash clothes or shower?  ...thereby, lowering your water consumption and ultimately your water and sewer bill.


Did you know you could sell the power you generate back to the electric company at the same rate?


Water conservation would be the use of rain water and grey water.


High Tech - Do you know that you have access to over 20 channels in the Bridgeport area? 


High technology integration would be the use of antennas and Wifi as opposed to cable.


You don’t have to pay these outrageous cable television rates. 



Residential solar power for less than $200?


My friends laughed at me, but I built my own solar panels for the home, and now my electric bills are a fraction of what they used to be.










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